Jess Waters






Short Film

Two sisters struggle with the loss of their father and wonder if and how they can move on.


Short Film

After failing to capture her corporate dreams, 38-year-old Zora returns home where she is faced with her aging father’s hoarding and a struggle to make her homecoming matter.

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Short Film

After asking her best friend to be her sperm donor, Myra reckons what motherhood means to her as a Black queer masc woman.



A woman sworn to secrecy about her past comes face to face with her injustice 10 years later.

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All About Jess Waters

 Jess Waters writes stories about queerness, blackness, family, and all the ways that people on the margins of society can find healing and family. Building on her childhood growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, she aims to create characters like herself and those who nurtured her growth as a writer. As a queer Black woman, Jess understands how and why representation matters, and makes it her purpose in life to fight for the opportunity to tell stories like her own, especially stories that detail young Black women’s coming of age in dynamic and compelling ways. Jess has won numerous screenwriting awards including Official Selections at WeScreenplay’s Diverse Voices Competition and Shore Scripts Screenplay Competition. In order to hone her craft, she has taken up freelance opportunities as a screenplay analyst for film festivals and continues to pursue projects from independent production companies that are run by women looking to make their mark on Hollywood. Jess is determined to use that platform as a tool for change. 



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